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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Next Sem Admission for Vacation and Regular Batches has been started. Click on the links SE, TE or BE on the LHS of Homepage for Detailed Schedule | Fees can be paid by Online Fund transfer / Paytm App / Bhim App / Debit or Credit cards / Cash / Cheque. Click the link "Admission Dates" on LHS for more | Download our App "Irfan sir: Mech" from Google Playstore to have all the info at ur fingertips.... | Plz don't click on the link "Upcoming Batches - New" on the RHS of this screen, we are working on it.

What students have to say
  • Irfan sir rocks!!! He changed my perspective towards Mechanical Engineering. Now everything in this field fascinates me.

    Suraj Panchal
    Alumni (May'14)
  • Mech. Vibration was golden for me.My friends suggested ur name. I cleared the paper with 78m out of 100m. In my Engineering, I had never crossed 61m.Thanks

    Kalpesh Shukla
    Mech. Vibration (May’14 - Regular)
  • My fundas of Heat Transfer were made so very strong tht, I was the only one answering every viva Q posted by the examiners…I enjoyed my viva session.What an excellent teaching by Irfan sir…

    Junaid Shaikh
    Heat Transfer (Nov'14 - Regular)
  • Audio-Visuals were awesome. It helped me a lot

    Nothing to imagine. Everything was on the board.

    Ishan K.
    MD-I (May'15 - Vacation)
  • What I like about him is, the way he connects all d concepts for cracking the numericals. So no scope for any confusion to built up. His boardwork is just too good.

    Kamaal Puri
    FM (May’13 - VCPH)
  • The tips that he gives to tackle the questions in the exam is just Awesome.

    Jayesh Jagan
    Fluid Mechanics (May'15 - Regular)
  • Before joining your Crash batch I failed in my Unit Test. And after joining, I scored 64 in Thermodynamics paper....All thanks to u, sir.

    Rihan Shaikh
    Thermodynamics (Dec’12 - Crash)
  • Sir, you are real Godfather of Mechanical Engineering for MU students. You are doing great noble service and brightening student's future prospects.

    Yash Menon
    Mech. Vibration (Dec'13 Regular)
  • Creative and Innovative way of Teaching.

    I was lucky enough to hv Irfan sir as my Teacher.

    Khan Owais
    Machine Design - I (May'15 - Vacation)
  • Explanation of Boundary layer, Hagen-Poiseulle flow, Couette flow, Navier-Stokes eqn, Vorticity...Almost everything was simply superb.

    Varun G.
    FM (May'14 - VCPH)
  • Very Systematic. He completed full syllabus on time & also gave answers to every possible VIVA questions.

    Ravi M.
    Heat Transfer (Nov'14 - Regular)
  • Mechanical Engineering is incomplete without attending the lectures of Irfan sir. He has a unique way of making his students fall in love with all the Engineering Subjetcs that he teaches.

    Rishi Panchal
    TOM - I (May'15 - Regular)
  • U r d Best one for Thermal. All my concepts r now in place


    Yash Thakur
    T.F.P.E (May’14 Batch)
  • Design of Gearboxes, Bearings, Flexible drives etc was so perfectly detailed with technical justification

    Super Impressive teaching !

    Ketan S.
    MD-2 (Nov'14 - Vacation)
  • Perfect utilisation of time.

    I dont have words to describe his teaching skills.

    He is just the BEST !!!

    Jhanvi Patel
    R.A.C (May'14 - Regular)
  • I joined u for the 1st time in Sem - VII. I really repent for not being with u in previous semesters. I missed all tht opportunity. I hav never seen such a teacher in my entire life. Fan of urs......

    Varun K.
    Machine Design - II (Dec'12 - Vacation)
  • I wasn't even properly knowing the BASICS of THERMODYAMICS. Thanx to IRFAN sir, for his marvelous teaching and method of covering syllabus on time.Hats off to u sir. Keep teaching us with such enthusiasm

    Arpit Lasod
    Thermodynamics (Dec’13 - Crash)
  • Irfan sir is very simple, calm & down to earth. I never saw him irritated or frustrated. A very sharp listener and he instantly solves the doubts raised by the students.

    Ankit Patel
    Thermodynamics (Dec'13 Regular)
  • He is the BEST one for TFPE crash. I topped my college in this subjetc just bcoz of his Crash course.

    Irfan sir covered all typical variety of Questions in the class.

    Hat's off to u..

    Shams L.
    T.F.P.E (May'15 - Crash)
  • The way he approaches the concepts and builts up the base makes it automatic for us to solve even the toughest Numerical in such an Easy way.

    Rishab Sanjay
    FM & TOM - I (May'15 - Regular)
  • He never makes you feel stupid for asking questions and never puts down anyone in the class. He sits with the student and very politely clarifies all the doubts one has.

    Rakesh M.
    Mech. Vibration (May'13 Regular)
  • Sir u were awesome
    I love the way u taught us M/c Design. The animations, videos, photos along with ur notes made this subject so very easy for us. Thnk u..

    Akshay Mehta
    M/C Design (Dec’14 Vacation)
  • Thank god, i joined his vacation batch. One big subject was completed even before my college started. I was at ease in Sem-V.

    Rishi Lalwani
    Heat Transfer (Nov'13 - Vacation)
  • I really appreciate him for the way he taught us HEAT EXCHANGER.

    Neelam G.
    Heat Transfer (Nov'13 - Vacation)
  • Awesome teaching by Irfan sir !!! I admire him for the way he taught us Mech. Vibration by repeating even the smallest formulae while solving problems.

    Irfan sir ROCKS !

    Shantanu P.
    Mech. Vibration (May'14 - Regular)
  • Before joining ur crash batch, I was almost getting a KT. And now; I m very sure of going beyond 90. Thanks a ton.  U r just, the BEST.

    Sohail Shaikh
    Thermodynamics (Nov’14 - Crash)
  • You can not describe the teaching skills of Irfan sir in words. He is just too good. The way he builds up the approach on the board for solving numericals makes it effortless and automatic to solve problems.

    Ek number.

    Akshay Sawant
    Fluid Mechanics (May'15 - VCPH)
  • BEST one for Mechanical Engineering in the entire Mumbai University.

    Jafar Ali
    Fluid Mechanics (May'15 - Regular)
  • Highest Standard of teaching. Very Profesional.

    No room for any Confusion, Irfan sir made all d concepts so very clear.

    Dhanraj P.
    Machine Design - II (Dec'12 - Vacation)
  • I got placed at TATA Motors.

    Your teaching helped me a lot in the technical interview.

    Manish S.
    Alumni (May’14)
  • Explanation of Self-locking & Self-energising brake was superb.

    The best thing about him is he solves all typical university questions from the recent papers as well.

    Neha K.
    TOM - II (Nov’14 - Regular)
  • He has this unique quality of explaining the toughest concept in such a simplified way......it just penetrates so deep in ur system tht u will nvr forget tht.

    Bhavya Bipin
    Fluid Mechanics (May'15 - VCPH)
  • Highly efficient, Fully Effective, Well Planned & very well Executed.

    Fabulous teaching by Irfan sir.

    Rohan S.
    Mech. Vibration (May'15 - Regular)
  • Sir, you are spectacular for Mech. Vibration. Only because of your Concept explaining technique & Descriptive notes i was able to pull out a score of 85. Thanx a ton sir.......

    Mech. Vibration (May'12 - Regular)
  • Irfan sir's teaching is until now the BEST teaching i hv ever experienced.

    Bondre Deepak
    Fluid Mechanics (May'15 - VCPH)
  • I was with u for all d subjects, since Thermodynamics.In my Engg, i never got a KT. I was consistent topper of my college and today, i m working with
    Larsen & Toubro.Thank u for all this. God bless u

    Harsh Bhatia
    Alumni (May’12)
  • Irfan sir is just a PERFECT teacher.

    Perfect Plan, Perfect Preparation, Perfect time management, Perfect Presentation, Perfect grip over the subjects tht he teaches.

    Sandeep Singh
    Fluid Mechanics (May'15 - VCPH)
  • Mr. Perfectionist.
    Thts how I can define u.I don’t know of any other Prof. taking these many varieties of Questions.
    I scored 87 in this toughest subj. all coz of u.

    Manish Dehekar
    Mech. Vibration (May’14 - Regular)
  • I really appreciate the way Irfan sir taught us Gyroscope, Cam & Follower, Clutch etc. Superb teaching technique.


    TOM-II (Nov’14 - Regular)
  • Explanation of Aircraft Refrigeration, VCRS, Compound VCRS, Design of Air-conditioning systems, Duct design etc was so very REFINED.

    Priya P.
    RAC (May’14 - Regular)
  • What i could not understand in 5 months of college lectures, he made it clear in 7 days of crash course..

    Very Impressive

    Ravi L.
    I. C. Engine (May'13 Crash)
  • Extremely well conducted with the presentation being such that even the most average student can grasp the same.

    He teaches in an exam oriented manner while also imparting good extra knowledge of the subject. He is very easy to approach for doubts.

    Arjun P.
    Mech. Vibration (Dec'09 - Regular)
  • Sir which ever subject u teach, we enjoy duin them because u teach them so systematically tht it becomes easy for us to understand.

    Sana Shaikh
    Fluid Mechanics (Dec’12 - Regular)
  • Thank you sir for inducing love for metals in me.

    I m enjoying my work at TATA Steel.

    Dhaval P.
    Alumni (May'13)
  • Advice for juniors : Never miss even a minute of his lecture & preserve all his notes, it wd b very helpful in ur future.

    Ravish S.
    Alumni (May'14)
  • On time, Every time.

    Very Punctual & Superb teaching technique.I was amazed with the variety of numericals he covered in the crash course.100% of the paper was from Irfan sir's notes.

    Sneha Shah
    I. C. Engine (Nov'13 - Crash)
  • Very Systematic & Professional. His passion for teaching shows.

    His magic reflects from the fact that; his Crash Batch students score more than Regular batch students of other Classes.

    Sonal P.
    Thermodynamics (Nov’14 - Crash)
  • His simple life Examples made it so very easy for me to understand the difference between Efficiency & Effectiveness of fin.

    I m a huge fan of yours.

    Neeta S.
    HMT (Dec'12 - Vacation)
  • I used to travel from Asangaon to Dadar for attending Irfan sir's lectures.Sir, if possible, plz try to take some batches at Thane or Dombivili as we don't have any good teacher that teaches so well in this area. Plzzzz..

    Neha Singh
    Fluid Mechanics (May'15 - VCPH)
  • Plz take more batches of Mech. Vibration. I didn’t get d admission last yr. I came d 2nd day of admission & ur batch was full. As far as MD-I is concerned, I scored 86m. thanks a lot..

    Tejas Rao
    MD-I (May’14 - Vacation)
  • Perfectly designed notes helped me a lot. Even though the paper was a bit different this year, still i managed to attempt full 80 marks. All credit goes to u as you had covered every variety of questions. Thank you sir.

    Rajesh P.
    MD - I (May'14 - Vacation)
  • His Boardwork, his Integrated approach, the way he interlinks the Concepts, the manner in which he approaches the Numericals..... Almost everything he does, is just SUPERB.

    Sonam P.
    Mech. Vibration (May'13 - Regular)
  • Explanation of Boot - Strap, Compound VCRS, Psychrometric Processes, Duct Design and Design of Airconditioning system was so very Refined. R.A.C. k Concepts & Fundamentals ka Baap - Irfan sir... Ek Number

    Akeel Shaikh
    RAC (May'14 - Regular)
  • For the 1st time i saw exploded gearbox in his class. That was a Visual treat. Irfan sir rocks!!!

    Nitin K.
    MD-2 (Nov'14 - Vacation)
  • The most Organized and Systematic method of teaching of Irfan sir leaves no room for any kind of doubts.

    Thermal Engg. (May'12 - Vacation)
  • He makes the things look so simple. Especially, the way he defines efficiency is awesome. I dont think, I’ll ever forget that in my life.

    Abhijeet Pathare
    Thermodynamics (Nov’13 - Regular)
  • Please take more batches of Fluid Mechanics.

    Many of my friends did not get the admission.


    Prashant L.
    FM (May'14 - Regular)
  • His uniq quality is, he gives answers to all d possible VIVA questions as well. Now Vivas r nt a problem 4 me.

    Milind Dhage
    Mech. Vibration (May’13 - Vacation)
  • Animations & videos were mind blowing. What i like about him is, he sits with the student & answers all their queries. He is indeed the last person to leave the class. Most approachable teacher, i hav ever seen.

    Rahul M.
    TOM - I (May'15 - Regular)
  • Never seen a Professor  with such Sincerity & Devotion. He can instill qualities of attentiveness and interest among stdnts by his gestures & choice of words.

    Hisham M.
    FM & TOM - I (May'15 Batch)
  • Doubt Solving Skills are Superb.

    He immediately clears every doubt tht the stdnt gets.



    Vinayak Bhor
    Fluid Mechanics (May'15 - VCPH)
  • BEST one for Concept Building. Never skips any concept. Irfan sir prepares you to face even the most diffcult paper set by MU.

    Ayappan Mani
    Mech. Vibration (May'15 - Regular)
  • PP - 2 by irfan sir iz lyk smartphone by apple. U cant resist it...If u want to know what way subject should be taught...jst go to irfan sir....he iz d best sir i ever seen....HE IZ GOING TO B D KING OF MECH. ENGG.

    Sanket Kasat
    PP - 2 (May’12 - Crash)
  • "Some ppl change d way, the subject is to b taught" I thnk Irfan sir frm d core of my heart 4 his teaching and support.

    Harshil Panchal
    Machine Design - II (Nov’11 - Vacation)
  • No one can teach Mech. Vibration better than Irfan sir.

    Rohit Radheshyam
    Mech. Vibration (May'15 - Regular)
Teaching Methodology of Irfan sir

The approach Irfan sir adopts is different from every single person in the teaching field. What makes him stand apart is;

He presents the subject in the simplest manner by interlinking all the concepts, which he explains first from scratch, assuming that student does not know anything. Know More >>